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Sewn in hair extensions can transform your look dramatically. They are a great way to try out new styles. If you want to have long flowing locks some of the best hair extensions are the ones that are sewn into your hair.

Sew In Extensions Explained

Sew in extensions are extensions in which you or a trained hairdresser uses thread and a needle to sew in human or synthetic weaves into a person’s natural hair. When the hairdresser sews in the extensions, it is up to you to maintain them properly and here are some tips on doing this. If you have human hair sewn in your hair you can use a flat iron or curling iron on the hair but make sure you put on a heat protectorant first. If you have a synthetic weave you can’t use heating tools on it. Don’t comb and brush the hair roughly and condition the weave every few weeks with a moisturizing conditioner.

Can I Sew In A Weave Myself?

If you are skilled in hairstyling and cannot afford to visit the hairdresser, you can sew in the weave yourself with a few simple steps. Start by washing and drying your hair then you will part your natural hair and pull it away from the area where you will sew in the weave. After you do this you should braid the remainder of your natural hair across the back of your hair until it looks like a cornrow. Then you would apply the weave to the braided hair and sew it in with a needle and weaving thread. Finally, cover the weave with your natural hair.

Maintaining Your Sew In Extension

A few weeks after getting the sew in extension, you want to grease the scalp because over time your scalp dries out and a moist scalp is important in maintaining your extensions. Some good oils to use include jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil. Every two weeks you should wash the extensions and after you wash them, pat them instead of rubbing them with your towel.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sew In Extensions

One benefit of a sew in extension is that you are able to create versatile hairstyles on a regular basis. Another advantage is that if taken care of properly, your weave will last for weeks or even months. A drawback to this weave is that if you don’t maintain it properly, you could experience damage to the scalp and possibly hair loss.


Sew in extensions are helpful for busy women who don’t always have time to style their hair for hours or who want longer hair to achieve certain styles. If you want the stylist to sew in the extensions, look for someone who is licensed, trained and knowledgeable about hair weaving.

Clips hold her hair out of the way . You can see the corn braid row where the hair extension will be sewn in. Image of sew in extensions.

Sew In Extensions: Pros and Cons

The best hair extensions can transform your look dramatically. They are a great way to try out new styles. If you want to have long flowing locks some of the best hair extensions are the ones that are sewn into your hair.  Once they are sewn in, they can be washed, dried, curled and styled as if it were your own.  Sew in extensions come in a variety of textures, colors and shades.  You can easily match your hair texture and color or add a new highlight shade.  Before you buy sew in extensions, consider some of the pros and cons that we have gathered for you.

Image of woman haed showing the braided hair base for sew in extensions-weave hair extensions

Braided hair base for sew in extensions

Pros of Sew in Extensions

• The best hair extensions are made from real hair. This means they look natural and you can do a lot with these extensions. They can be styled and colored just as you own hair.

• When you want to change your look, your stylist can remove the extensions and try a totally new style. If any of your sew in extensions start to look worn or damaged they can be removed. New ones can then be sewn in to refresh your look.

• The versatility of sew in extensions is great. One day you can have short hair and the next long hair like a celebrity. You can also experiment with color. With extensions, you can pick bold, new colors and try some daring highlights. If you do not like them they are not permanent just have them removed.

• Sew in hair extensions are one of the best choices for less hair damage. Usually glue in hair extensions cause damage to your natural hair, like split ends.

• If you have money to get the best hair extensions, you will probably love your new style. Natural hair, quality ones can get expensive, but they will give you the most versatile and natural look.

Cons of Sew in Extensions

• Over styling can cause hairs from your extensions to come loose. You need to be careful when brushing and fixing your hair.

• It can take some time to get used to having sewed in hair extensions. They are attached to your natural hair on a tight braid that is made underneath your natural hair. The braids can be uncomfortable and itch.

• Sew in hair extensions are not permanent they longest they usually last is about six to eight weeks. If you are not careful and do not take care of them properly they will last much less time.

• Since the extensions are not your own hair, there is a slight chance that bacteria can grow on them if they are not cleaned regularly.

• You have to be patient when getting this kind of hair extensions; they do take longer to apply. Depending on your hair and how many extensions you want, it can take as much as five or six hours.

There are alternatives to sew in hair extensions. Some people choose glue in extensions, or clip in hair extensions. Glue in extensions are easy to apply, but can damage your hair. They must be done by someone who is experienced with this type of extension. Clip in hair extensions can be bought in natural or synthetic hair. They are easy to put in by yourself. One complaint about this kind of extension is they do not fit snug and feel like they might fall out.

Just like the sew in kind they all have good and bad things to consider when purchasing. No matter what kind of hair extensions you are considering it is important to weigh the pros and cons thoughtfully before making a purchase. This way you will be happy and can get the look of your dreams.

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