Sew In Extensions Explained

Sew in extensions are extensions in which you or a trained hairdresser uses thread and a needle to sew in human or synthetic weaves into a person’s natural hair. When the hairdresser sews in the extensions, it is up to you to maintain them properly and here are some tips on doing this. If you have human hair sewn in your hair you can use a flat iron or curling iron on the hair but make sure you put on a heat protectorant first. If you have a synthetic weave you can’t use heating tools on it. Don’t comb and brush the hair roughly and condition the weave every few weeks with a moisturizing conditioner.

Can I Sew In A Weave Myself?

If you are skilled in hairstyling and cannot afford to visit the hairdresser, you can sew in the weave yourself with a few simple steps. Start by washing and drying your hair then you will part your natural hair and pull it away from the area where you will sew in the weave. After you do this you should braid the remainder of your natural hair across the back of your hair until it looks like a cornrow. Then you would apply the weave to the braided hair and sew it in with a needle and weaving thread. Finally, cover the weave with your natural hair.

Maintaining Your Sew In Extension

A few weeks after getting the sew in extension, you want to grease the scalp because over time your scalp dries out and a moist scalp is important in maintaining your extensions. Some good oils to use include jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil. Every two weeks you should wash the extensions and after you wash them, pat them instead of rubbing them with your towel.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sew In Extensions

One benefit of a sew in extension is that you are able to create versatile hairstyles on a regular basis. Another advantage is that if taken care of properly, your weave will last for weeks or even months. A drawback to this weave is that if you don’t maintain it properly, you could experience damage to the scalp and possibly hair loss.


Sew in extensions are helpful for busy women who don’t always have time to style their hair for hours or who want longer hair to achieve certain styles. If you want the stylist to sew in the extensions, look for someone who is licensed, trained and knowledgeable about hair weaving.