Taking Care of Hair Extensions

      Here is how to take care of hair extensions. If you have clip in extensions, you should take them out at night so that they will not be tangled in your natural hair while you sleep. You should also wash your extensions with

Image of woman washing extensions the easy way. Wash and dry as your would wash your own.

Washing Extensions The Easy Way

mild shampoo and conditioner to keep the extensions clean and smelling fresh. If you have a sewn in extension, you would wash the hair the same way you would the clip in extensions and you would pat the hair dry and style as usual. Here are additional tips.

Taking Care of Human Hair Weaves

      When combing and brushing human hair weaves, you should do so in a light manner to avoid damage to the extensions. Also use hair care products with moisturizing qualities so that the scalp, your natural hair and weave will be moisturized throughout the day. Every few weeks you should trim the extensions’ ends in order for your style to look neat and if you use a curling or flat iron, apply the heat protectorant first.

Have The Stylist Refresh The Weave

      Since your extensions will become dry and dull over time, it is important that you visit your stylist every eight weeks so that she can take out the weave and put in a new one so that your hair will look and feel healthy and neat. If you want a different kind of weave, talk to the stylist about it to determine whether it is a good fit for you.

Good Hair Care Supplies for Extensions

      Women with extensions should have at least two wide toothed combs and a heavy duty brush because the are needed to keep tangles out the extensions. You will also need a mild shampoo and conditioner, anti-frizz serum mist spray, oil sheen, and jumbo rollers if you have synthetic hair since you won’t be able to use a curling iron on it. Essential oils are important for greasing the scalp.

Taking Care of Hair Extensions is worth it

      When you learn how to take care of hair extensions, they last longer and you have a better return on your investment since it is expensive to get a weave. Most beauty magazines have good advice on looking after your extensions and your stylist also offers help in this area. Finally, use the best styling products on your extensions and have fun with creating unique styles with them.