What Are The Types of Hair Extensions?

Clip In Hair Extensions

The simplest type of hair extensions is the clip in hair extension because

Clip in Hair Extensions with three clips

Clip in Hair Extensions with three clips

you can buy it from most beauty supply stores and all you have to do is part your hair in the back and attach the extension to your real hair.

Weave Extensions

Weaving is another one of several types of extensions and the weaving technique involves the braiding of an extension into a woman’s natural hair. There is also the sew in weave in which you or a stylist takes extensions and uses a needle and weaving thread to apply the extensions. Another kind of weave is the bonding weave and in this process, the stylist applies the extensions using heat. There are the glue-in hair extensions, which are not always the best choice for some women because of potential damage to the woman’s natural hair.

About Micro Link Extensions

Microlink extensions are tiny tubes that are placed into a woman’s natural hair and then the extensions are added inside of the microlinks where the stylist clamps the microlinks to hold the hair. When getting microlinks, make sure you choose a color that best matches your natural hair color unless you are going for outlandish colors for a costume party. The benefit of microlinks is that they do not use glue, heat or other tools, which puts less stress on your hair.

Braiding Extensions

For the women who prefer convenience and longevity to their extensions, braids are a good choice for you. You can create a variety of braided styles with extensions and these include cornrows, micro twists, micro braids and many others. When you get braids, it is important to grease the scalp every few days since the moisture goes out your hair over time. You should also wash and refresh the braids every few weeks yourself or with the help of a stylist.


You can choose from one of several types of hair extensions and your choice depends on your personal style, need for convenience and the color and texture of your hair. Be sure to brush and comb your extensions after getting them and wash them periodically so that they will be clean and healthy. Finally, enjoy the extensions and create unique styles with them.