Will Anyone Know I’m Wearing Extensions?

Some women avoid wearing extensions because they think the extensions will look fake on them. This is not true if you style your extensions correctly after you get them. Choose hair extensions that match your natural hair color and also look for a weave that best matches your natural hair’s texture. For example, if you have thick and coarse hair, you wouldn’t get a weave that is silky and straight unless you straighten your natural hair first.

How To Take Excess Shine Out Your Weave

Beautiful Long Brown Hair Extensions

Beautiful Long Brown Hair Extensions

If you are wearing hair extensions with synthetic hair, your hair may look shiny and others will soon figure out that you have a weave. Here are tips on reducing the excess shine from your synthetic weave. You can rub baking soda or cornstarch within the weaved sections of your hair and it makes your hair slightly dull.

Tips on Braiding Hair Properly for Extensions

This is important in ensuring that your weave looks natural and neat. Start by pulling back the hair that you won’t braid then you would take clamps and keep this hair from the back of the hair where the extensions will be. Then braid beginning at the front left and then braid in a straight line across the back part of your hair and then you are ready to sew in your extensions into the braided hair.

Hairstyle Ideas for Extensions

Now that the stylist put in your extensions, it is time to choose the right hairstyle that makes your weave appear natural and beautiful. Bring a few hair magazines and ask the stylist for his opinion on which style would work the best for you. Women of color have several options when it comes to weave hairstyles. If you have synthetic hair and you’re a woman of color, you can have your stylist put microbraids in your hair or if it is human hair, you can wear loose waves in your hair. Ponytails are also neat for weaves.

Will Anyone Know I’m Wearing Extensions? Yes, if you want them to

Wearing extensions offers convenience for many women but if you want the weave to look natural and fabulous, you need to choose the right color and texture of extensions and you should wear a hairstyle that flatters your facial structure and that suits your personality. Finally, don’t be afraid to wear your weave in unusual colors or designs.